Uniform presentation is a very important part of band. It is important that members present themselves with dignity and treat their uniforms as a visual
extension of their performance. An inspection of all uniforms, rehearsal dress, shoes, instruments and equipment will be conducted prior to each performance or rehearsal. Students who have dirty, missing or incomplete items may be subject to a grade cut for that event and will be restricted from performances if inspection violations warrant.

Any Uniform or equipment that is left in the band room improperly stored or lost is the financial responsibility of the student. It is the responsibility of each student to bring everything they need to each performance.

Concert Band

Concert band members must wear a white shirt and black jacket, pants, socks and shoes. Girls may wear a black skirt or dress.

Jazz Band

Jazz band members are required to wear black shirt, pants, socks and shoes with a red tie.

Marching Band

Marching band members are assigned uniforms and hats before school starts. Each student who uses a school-owned uniform is responsible for any loss of damage to his/her uniform. Replacement cost is $450.00. Any items not stored at school are the responsibility of the student who must keep them cleaned, in good repair and ready for performance.

Marching band and guard students have the opportunity to order warm-ups, baseball caps, marching shoes, Guard uniforms, gloves, etc. before school starts. Black socks are required. Such accessories are the financial responsibility of the student and are not to be stored at school. Lost or damaged items due to student neglect shall be replaced at the student’s expense. Any student who fails to properly care for or properly put away any uniform item may be issued demerits as appropriate.

Uniforms, Uniforms, Uniforms or “What do I wear?”

All Dress Uniforms will be handed out prior to each game or performance. Students will never bring home the Dress Uniform for any reason.

The Dress Uniforms consist of:

  • Formal jacket
  • Formal pants or “bibbers” (just touching the top of shoes)
  • Black Drill Master shoes
  • Black socks
  • We suggest having several pairs that are exactly alike. (Dryers love to eat socks)
  • Hat with plume (Issued in a box that it travels in)
  • P.E. type shorts to be worn under bibber pants for group changes. Students must change out of their uniform before leaving the performance. (with or without anything to change into.)
  • White T-shirt
  • No jewelry, face paint, or odd hair accessories

Mandatory Uniform Fitting – (Parent volunteers needed)

When: Tuesday, August 8th & Thursday, August 10th between 4:00pm – 7:00pm
Where: Dwyer Band Room
What to Bring: 

• Cash or Check (made payable to WTDHS) for $120 as the first installment of Fair Share
Band Packet with all forms should be completed and signed.

Alteration of Uniforms

Occasionally uniforms need to be fitted to the student they have been assigned.
More specifically, the length of the pants.


Turn the material under and tack it up for the correct pant length.