All students are required to travel to and from all events with the band.

Exceptions are:

Cars may not be driven to any band activity unless school transportation is not provided.

Students may be picked up at the conclusion of an off campus /away activity by the parent or legal guardian only when a parent or legal guardian has filed the appropriate official school form in advance of the activity.

The parent or legal guardian must appear in person to the Director prior to the student’s release at the conclusion of the event. The Director may ask for proper photo ID for verification.

No student may be released to, nor ride home with a boyfriend, girlfriend or other student. Any exceptions to this require advance approval from a W.T. Dwyer High School administrator. Official school forms are required to be on file.

No student will be released until the group is formally dismissed except with special prior arrangements being made with the Director.

Rules and Regulations for Overnight Trips

If there is a severe infraction of the rules that follow, parents and the Principal will be contacted, and at the Director’s discretion a student may be sent home at the expense of the parent.

Students will follow the tour itinerary at all times. There will be no individual sight-seeing or non-attendance during a scheduled activity.

There will be no use of cigarettes.

There will be no use of illegal substances.

There will be no use of alcohol.

Male and female students are not permitted to visit each other’s room.

Students will abide by the curfew assigned each night, according to the evening’s activities. Students must contact a chaperone to leave the room after curfew, if a need arises.

No student will leave the hotel, without exception, unless accompanied by a chaperone.

Students are expected to be on time for all activities.

Students are to behave in a courteous, respectful, and responsible manner. Refrain from language and actions that might bring discredit upon themselves and/or their school.

Student’s attire during the trip will be determined by the type of activity, but must always be modest as not to attract attention. Everything must be to the knee or longer. No midriffs or tank tops or you will be made to change.

Hotel property and other hotel guests must be respected at all times. Students must adhere to the hotel’s policies concerning this matter.

Accidents, injuries and illnesses must be reported to a chaperone or the Director immediately.

Individuals responsible for damages to any property or furnishings will be responsible for its repair or replacement.

No local or long-distance phone calls may be made from student rooms; use of the phones in the hotel lobby or in the chaperones room is permitted as well as cell phone usage.