Annual Italian Dinner & Silent Auction

We will be hosting our annual Italian Dinner on April 13, 2018 from 6pm to 8 pm in the cafeteria at school. Tickets are only $10.00 at the door and will include a full dinner.  While you eat, there will be live entertainment from the Jazz band from Dwyer High School, Duncan Middle School and Independence Middle School.

There will also be a large variety of auction items up for bid throughout the night.  Auction winners are announced at the end of the night.

We hope to see you there.

Upcoming Events and Info

We still have cheesecakes available from the fund raiser last year.  The available items are listed below.  If you are interested in purchasing one, please let Mary know by Feb. 12th.

2 – Pumpkin Pies                                                             $17.00 each

1 – French Silk Choc Pie                                                $23.00 each

2 – PB Choc. Chunk Cookie Dough                             $18.00 each

1 – Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Dough                               $17.00 each

2 – Flourless Choc. Truffle Cake                                  $22.00 each

1 – Choc Symphony Cheesecake                                  $25.00 each

1 – Gourmet Pretzel Dogs                                             $22.00 each

2 – Gourmet Pretzel                                                        $17.00 each

1 – Carmel Apple Walnut Pie                                        $20.00 each

Students have the opportunity to earn some volunteers this year at the ArtiGras.  Signup sheets will be on Mr. Lamp’s door Monday, January 29th in the afternoon.  Students will need to pick a shift to work by February 5th.  A copy of the Community Service form is attached.

Finally, the Silent Auction is April 13, 2018.  Please find attached a copy of the donation forms.  If your child obtained donations in the past, please have them try those sponsors again.  They will have until February 28th to solicit those businesses.  On March 1st we will release the list of prior sponsors to all band members.  When submitting the completed donation forms, please list the starting bid amount the sheet.

Concerts and Upcoming Events

Today Poinsettias will come in.   Please make sure to take them home today.

Next week,  December 5,  Tuesday will be our concert.   Concert will start at 7pm and everyone needs to be in the auditorium at 6:30 pm with instruments in their possession.

Concert Band Attire:


Option 1:  Long black dress with heels or shoes, no flip flops on stage

Option 2:  Black pants, (not jeans or tights) with a black blouse/top



Option 1: Black suit and tie, a black suit can wear a white dress shirt.

Option 2: Black pants, black dress shirt and a tie. (no jeans)



For evaluation in March, boys should have a black suit and tie please.

For a black suit and tie, I strongly suggest goodwill!!!!!   unless you already have one.

Jazz band:

Boys: black pants, black shirt and a red tie, black socks and dress shoe. Marching band shoe works great.  (a tie with red in it is acceptable)

Ladies:  option 1:  you can also wear what the boys are wearing if you like.

option 2:  black dress and heels.   (no flip flops)

For our concerts here:  If you are in both jazz band and concert band, you can simply wear your jazz band attire for the concert band performance also.

Thursday December 7:

Honor band auditions are at Okeeheelee Middle School.  Starts at 6 pm for our school.  Those auditioning are responsible for their own rides.

I hope to see all parents and extended family members December 5th for our concert.  The concert is free.

Picture Proofs/ Rehearsal

North American will be in the band room this afternoon for parents to view proofs and to purchase pictures from  3 pm to 7 pm.   I encourage all parents to at least look at the proofs.

Band will have rehearsal today as planned.  Our start time has been moved to 3:15 pm.   We will be done by 5:30.

The homecoming powder puff game will start at 6 if anyone plans on attending the game.

The Cheesecake Fundraiser Has Begun

40% of the profits goes directly to your child’s account and can be used for fair share, travel and other expenses. Every student has been asked to sell a minimum of 10 items.

Please collect checks upfront and do not charge tax. Checks should be made payable to Dwyer High School.

October 14th – Band Competition @ John I Leonard

Report time to school this Saturday will be 12:45pm. The buses will be loaded and pulling out at 2:45pm.

Please eat before you arrived to school. Bring food to eat once we are done with our rehearsal before we leave, there will be no time to drive off and get food.

The goal is to rehearse from 1:00pm – 2:20pm. Saturday is bound to be another hot day, so drink plenty of water and get some rest the night before.

Bring money to the competition. There will be time to eat after we have performed, so dinner time would be around 6:00pm.

Return time home will be around 10:30pm.


October 7th Band Competition @ Merritt Island High School

Report time to school on this day will be 11:00AM. We will be leaving the school at 1:30 PM with a two hour bus ride to get there. Our performance time is 5:15PM. Out return home time is 11:00PM. There are 8 bands to watch after we perform with awards starting at 8:30PM.
Please bring money to eat while at the competition.
Parents, Once we return to school, the band is to put there stuff away and will be dismissed together. So this may take a few extra minutes. Please be patient.

IMPORTANT: Schedule Changes/New Business

Thanks to Hurricane Irma, we have additional schedule changes.

  1. The September 29th football game has been moved to Thursday night the September , 28th at 7pm.  Please check Charms to update your volunteer availability.
  2. Our band parent meeting scheduled for Thursday, September, 28th has been moved to October 5th at 6pm.  There is a Freshman/JV game the same night and grill volunteers are needed.
  3. Middle School Nigh has been changes to Friday, October 6th. If you previously volunteered for October 27th as a Pizza, Drink or Desert  server,  please update your volunteer status on Charms.

New Business:

Competitions are coming fast and we need everyones help to get the props ready in time. There will be a painting “party” Tuesday, September 26th in the auditorium from 5-7.  Please dress appropriately if you can help.

Our props this year are amazing, thanks to Maurice Jonkers.  That being said, we need a group of amazing volunteers who are willing to attend all 3 competitions (Oct 7th, 14th & 21st).  The props are intricate and each volunteer needs to know their specific part. If you can commit, please let Mary know on Tuesday, September 26th.  We will schedule a practice run when the props are ready.

Thanks for your patience.

The Dwyer Band Booster Parents

Away Game at Palm Beach Gardens High School

This Friday, September 22nd is our away game at Palm Beach Gardens High School.  We are in need of several chaperones for this game. If you are able to chaperone and are an approved volunteer, please sign up for this event on Charms. Even if you can not volunteer, we hope that you can come and watch this talented group of musicians and color guard. They are working very hard and it is awesome to watch the progress that is made each week.

Students need to report to the band room by 4:30 pm.  If you choose not to leave campus, you need to bring food and drinks to school with you. You will need to wear your band shirt and have your baseball hat, tall black socks, Dwyer nylon back pack and band shoes.

Finally, we need 1 more hoodie order so that we can place the order.  If you are interested in getting a hoodie please let us know as soon as possible.

All Band Events Are Cancelled Through Monday, September18th

We hope that all of our band families are safe and sound after Hurricane Irma. All band events are currently cancelled until Monday, September 18th.  As soon as we get back to school we will update you on the status of cancelled events and let you know when the Cheese Cake Fundraiser will start. We look forward to seeing you next week and keep practicing your music!