Rules & Conduct

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Because of the nature of the organization, the conduct of all members of the band must be exemplary in the areas of citizenship, adherence to the rules, and traditions of the band and school. Band members are constantly on display and each member must always be aware of the importance of the impression they make on others. Any infraction or incident casts a direct reflection on the band and school as a whole, and may well undo the good work of many dedicated students.

Basic Rules

All students must abide by the Palm Beach County Schools Code of Student Conduct, W.T. Dwyer High School Rules and the regulations laid out in the Band Handbook.

Any extreme disciplinary infraction may result in suspension from band activities or the removal form the band program.

Any equipment that is not specifically assigned to you and areas that are not assigned for you to be in are off limits.

DO NOT use your band locker for anything not band related.

DO NOT disrupt other classes that are held in the band room during the school day. The band room is off limits for lunch, unless otherwise arranged
by the Director.

NO gum, candy soda or other sugary foods are allowed during rehearsals or performances.

Eating is not allowed during rehearsals or performances.

For security reasons, the band room is off limits to all non-band personnel.

The band room is open from 7:15 am-7:40 am to drop off instruments.

Stadium Conduct

The band will march into each game in an orderly and dignified manner.

UNIFORMS MUST STAY ON AT ALL TIMES!!! Hats, gloves and gauntlets may be removed at the direction of THE DIRECTOR!!!

Students will sit only in their assigned seats.

There will be no individual playing. We play as a BAND!!

While in the stands, students may not eat or drink (other than that provided by the band) at any time.

Students may go to the bathroom with the Director’s permission and only if accompanied by a chaperone.

Students are to give their attention to the conductor at all times. Be ready to play at ANY TIME!!!

Everyone will remain in the bleachers formation until dismissed to march back to the band room.