Attendance Policy

Attendance is taken by the Band Captain at every rehearsal and performance. All are mandatory. Everyone starts out with 100 points. Late arrival is a 2 point deduction, and 5 points are deducted for an absence.


All rehearsals are mandatory. Minimum expectation is 100% Any missed rehearsal requires the student to complete the Make up Assignment
upon return to class. This will require access to the internet and can be arranged for a student without internet access at home to complete the assignment during lunch in the Media Center. In the event that you miss a rehearsal there is no real way to make up for the time that you missed.

The following is the procedure for those who miss a rehearsal.

Step 1:  Present Mr. Lamp with proof of Excused/Unexcused absence.
Step 2:  See Mr. Lamp for make up assignment sheet, password and user name.
Step 3:  Follow instructions on the sheet
Step 4:  Complete the assignment within 1 day for an unexcused absence and 2 days for excused absences.

•  Assignments completed on time for students with excused absences will be counted for full credit.
•  Assignments completed on time for students with unexcused absences will be counted for 60% credit
•  No late assignments will be accepted. (Computer date stamps assignments when completed.)


All performances are mandatory. The minimum expectation is 100%. There are very few acceptable reasons or circumstances for missing a performance. Every student is a vital member of the team effort and absences not only affect the person missing, but also those around him/her causing a drop in performance level for all. If a student does not participate in a performance, there will be an alternate written assignment to make up points.


Approved absences with prior notice will be excused. Follow same procedure above with excused absences.


All constitute a grade of “F” for the grading period.

Extenuating Circumstances

Absences of an unexpected nature are deemed “emergency” and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis with the Director and parents. To be considered as an emergency, the situation needs to be verified by the student’s parent or guardian by phone prior to missing the event, if possible. If that is not possible, notification by phone as soon as it is convenient to do so. Please note that unless there is a contact or official notification of the “emergency” the grade will go in as a zero. Unfortunately we cannot take a student’s word for verification. If the student is 18, they are still required to present outside verification (doctors note, etc.) concerning absence. Students must maintain eligibility under the Florida Music Association and the Florida department of Education policies.

Participation in other school activities

Sports and other clubs: W.T. Dwyer Band prides itself in that we are able to allow participation in many other campus activities. With prior notice and cooperation of the Club/Sports Director, we can come to arrangements with just about any conflict for REHEARSAL/PRACTICES. However since Band is a curricular activity students may not be excused for a PERFORMANCE due to the above type of conflict.

Other notifications about attendance

Non-emergency appointments, meetings, birthdays, driver’s license appointments, vacations during the school year, outings, community affairs, and other such events, will not be excused.

Dual Enrollment / College Courses / Charter School

School policy dictates that W.T. Dwyer School Activities come BEFORE Dual Enrollment and OJT work. Work is not an excuse for missing any band activity. Please do not ask! This includes OJT!!! Participation in outside musical organizations such as youth orchestras, community bands, and the like, are encouraged. However, students will not be excused from W.T. Dwyer Band rehearsals or performances.