Inspections are held before traveling under the breezeway outside the main building, and before home games outside the Band Room. Students should be in place no later than the time they were told to report. In this instance, start time means students should be in uniform and in the inspection line a few minutes prior to inspection! Allow time for changing into uniforms, and preparing instruments for inspection. Your student and their instrument (even the inside of the instrument) will be inspected as they stand at attention by sections. Students should be sure to not have any odd or large jewelry or face paint of any kind. Demerits will be given here. (We aren’t quite sure what this means yet, except that it’s bad and it involves cleaning something.)

Terms, Phrases

“Inspection is at six thirty”

There will be a one hour run-through.  If you’re early, you’re on time, if you’re on time, you’re late. When you drop your child off at 4:55, there will be students already there, ready to play. At this point, the anxiety level for being late dramatically increases. This is when your child will be sweating bullets. Beware of the traffic. Always allow extra time. There are no excuses.

“Where are your drill charts?”

These are very detailed charts that students wear around their necks during band camp and at rehearsals that tell them exactly where they stand for different setups, like Opener 6. A good place to keep these is in the instrument case, which may save you one of those trips back home, and your child laps around the practice field.

“Where’s my tick?” and “Do we line up on the hash?”

This does not refer to insects or breakfast food. These terms indicate how the practice field is marked off. Students use their drill charts to answer these questions.

“The band received an Excellent rating”

Excellent is not the best. Each band is striving for a Superior rating.

“Play to the box!”

This means that instruments should be directed toward the tower on the practice field where the powers-that-be live and flourish.

Practice field

The practice field is where ever we practice. Usually there will be a “run-through” near the end of practice. This is also a good location to gather information, and network.


The band will march into each game in an orderly and dignified manner.

UNIFORMS MUST STAY ON AT ALL TIMES!!! Hats, gloves and gauntlets may be removed at the direction of THE DIRECTOR!!!

Students will sit only in their assigned seats.

There will be no individual playing. We play as a BAND!!

While in the stands, students may not eat or drink (other than that provided by the band) at any time.

Students may go to the bathroom with the Director’s permission and only if accompanied by a chaperone.

Students are to give their attention to the conductor at all times. Be ready to play at ANY TIME!!! 

Everyone will remain in the bleachers formation until dismissed to march back to the band room.