The Dwyer Band Program offers several fundraisers throughout the year through which students can earn money for their Fair Share accounts.  Proceeds from some fundraisers go toward student fair share accounts, and other proceeds are allocated for the general band budget.

ALL fundraiser information, instructions and deadlines are posted on the News page of the website and via email.  Be sure to check your email frequently, as not all of our fundraisers are listed below.

Summer Football Program Ad Sales

The BEST way to help pay your fair share is through our Dwyer Football Program ad or 4’x8 ‘ outdoor stadium fence banner sales.

The band is responsible for selling the ads and creating and producing the football programs that we sell at all the home football games. Half the cost of all the ads you sell go to the general band account and the other half and about 1/3 of the cost of the banners will go into your students fair share account. The best time to start selling ads or banners is during the summer. We have until the end of August to sell the ads. We need to have the programs done before the first home game. The banners can be sold all year, but they get the most exposure at the beginning of football season.

Ask your friends or family who own businesses. Ask businesses you visit often, restaurants, doctors, dentist, your hair stylist, dry cleaners, car repairs, a/c or electrical repairs, your pool or bug guy. Everyone! Let them know this is a great way to get their name out there to locals who would be more than happy to help support our local businesses. Not only will it help them get their name out there but it also helps a great cause, the William T. Dwyer Panther Band!!

Football Ad Sales Program

Banner Contract & Partnership Agreement

For assistance with banner information, please contact Alan Donovan at Sign World USA of Jupiter

Student Sponsorships/Donations

Ask your family, friends, or neighbors to sponsor your student or make a donation to the band. Sponsorships or donations will go into your students fair share account!

Sponsorship Form

Football Game Concessions

At all home football games, the Dwyer Band handles the concession sales.  Profits from the concession stand benefit the general band fund and student’s fair share account.  The band relies on many parents to help run the concession stand on Friday night home games.

 Cheesecakes and More

In the fall, the band sells frozen cheesecakes, cookie dough, pretzels, and other food items.  This is a traditional catalog sale, where students take orders and payment, and orders are delivered to the school 4-6 weeks after the close of the fundraiser.  Proceeds go towards the student’s fair share account.

More Fundraisers

On occasion, the band will hold additional fundraisers such as sales of coupon books, candy sales, car washes, Poinsettia sales, and more.  Parents and students will receive emails detailing all fundraising opportunities.