Chaperoning & Volunteering

The band program offers many opportunities to volunteer, and the program needs help in many areas all year long to keep things running smoothly!  Volunteer opportunities are announced via email and on the News page. They include, but are not limited to: chaperoning rehearsals, camps and competitions; coordinating trips, fundraisers and events; working at fundraisers to help with sales or distribution; selling tickets at the concerts; driving or moving band equipment for competitions or concerts; and attending Band Parent meetings!

Your kids may not tell you, but they really do like it when you’re there!

Volunteering is a great way to meet the kids and other parents and to become familiar with band routines.  Your time as a volunteer is always very much appreciated.

Volunteering Opportunities 

Heritage Festival
Poinsettia Sales
End of Year Banquet
Candy Sales
Equipment Trailer Chair
Football Program/Ad Sales
Chris & Mike Reinhardt
Frozen Food Sales
Website Support
Kate Shingledecker
Italian Dinner/Food
Football Concessions
Curtis Knight & Bill Waddell
Italian Dinner/Silent Auction
Car Washes
Yankee Candle

Volunteer Application Information

The School District of Palm Beach County requires all non-paid (volunteer) people who work with students, volunteer on campus or at school events to complete the District Volunteer Application. VOLUNTEERS MUST RE-REGISTER EVERY YEAR. All public schools use both Raptor and the Volunteers In Public Schools (VIPS) tracking system.

If you are not in the VIPS system, please go to the Main Office or the Volunteer Office in the Dwyer Administration Office to complete the application.

This requirement is necessary for the safety of our students – your children. It is also for the safety of our volunteers. All registered volunteers are covered by insurance when volunteering at the school.


This system is used for background clearance.


The VIPS system will be used for application completion and recording volunteer hours. Hours can be logged in on the VIPS tracking system computer. Sign-in stations are available in the Main Office or the Volunteer Office in the Dwyer Administration Office. If you are not able to enter your volunteer hours on the computer, us the Volunteer Service Hours Log and turn it into the Band Boosters.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Palm Beach County District Volunteer Coordinator, Debi Elfen, at 561-434-8789 or got to the Schools of Palm Beach County Volunteers website.


Chaperone & Volunteer Duties

In the stands:

Students are NOT to leave stands unattended! Watch students if they need anything, go to rest room, help with water, make sure students don’t wander. If they need medical attention, Mr. Lamp must be notified. Discipline must be given out by Mr. Lamp, notify him of any issues. Students are NOT to go anywhere alone they MUST have a chaperone with them!


Parents help students if they need anything. Including helping students carry equipment to warm up, on and off field.

Driving The Trailer:

Help students load and unload trailer. When students are leaving to perform anything left out is up to the driver and assistant to put back in the trailer.


Grill hamburgers and hotdogs. Concession wrap hamburger and hot dogs. Everyone who signs up for that evening is responsible for helping with clean up!