Band Leadership

2017 / 2018 Officers

Drum Major – Taylor Murray & Ally Capone
Band Captain – Dominick Seucharan
Band Co-Captain – Chelsea Kiselewski
Guard Captain – Olivia Payne
Guard Co-Captain – Sabrina James & Teddi Garrett
Percussion Captain – Zachary Bergeron
Librarian – Ashley Young & Jennifer Fry
Equipment Managers – Dylan Best, Jimmy Howard & Steven Capute

Officer Responsibilities

Drum Major

-Take charge of the marching band during rehearsals and performances, especially if the director is not present.
-Assist the director during outside rehearsals.
-Assist the director with administrative work.
-Work with the band captain to maintain positive student/officer relations.
-Place the band program high on their priority list.
-Promotes positive school spirit.
-Delegate jobs to band members for disciplinary matters.

Band Captain

-Schedules all officer meetings, and is in charge of the proceedings of the meetings, including content, officer relations, and attendance.
-Attends all band booster meetings to represent the band student body.
-Assists the director with administrative work and some indoor rehearsals.
-In charge of delegating jobs to all other officers, makes sure all assigned jobs are completed.
-The liaison between the band members and the director.
-Promotes the guard in the school and at large.


-Record events and happenings of the bands.
-Compile a yearly scrapbook.
-In charge of organization, distribution and collection of music.
-Assists the band captain.
-Maintain a clean and orderly music library.
-Update music filing system on a regular basis.
-Responsible for music collection, transporting and distribution on all performing trips.

Equipment Managers

-In charge of equipment truck and lockers.
-Assists with the data input and collection of the band contracts.
-Assists the band captain.
-Responsible for up keep of storage room in band room.
-Load and unload the equipment truck.

Guard Captain/Percussion Captain

-Take charge when the director/sponsor is not present.
-Assist the sponsor/director whenever needed.
-In charge of motivating the squad and keeping them on task.
-The liaison between the students and sponsor/director.
-Promote the guard and/or percussion in the school and at large.

Guard Co-Captain

-Assists the sponsor and Captain with various duties and tasks, including record keeping and equipment usage.
-In charge of demerit/merit record keeping.
-In charge of equipment distribution and storage of ALL auxiliaries.
-Work with the auxiliary’s captains and the directors.
-Take charge with the director/sponsor is not present.
-Assist the sponsor/director whenever needed.
-In charge of all equipment inventory and checkout lists.
-Promote the guard in the school and at large.

Final Word About Officers

All officers may be asked to perform other duties not listed. They must learn how to delegate jobs to band personnel; this is the key to being a successful officer. It is up to the officers to set the example of a role model. It is an honor and a privilege to have been selected as an officer, and they are expected to fulfill their duties. In the rare event that an officer fails to uphold the responsibilities and standards listed, he or she may be demoted and/or replaced.

All officers are responsible to help load and unload the equipment truck, to make sure the room is clean and in order after each and every function. This would mean rehearsals, football games, competitions, parades, and concerts here at school.

Officers are to make sure all equipment gets back to the band room after a performance in the school auditorium.