Game Reminders for Friday Night 9/1

A few reminders about the game this Friday night 9/1
There are still volunteer positions available, so please log into charms and sign up.  We need your help!This band cannot function without the support of the volunteers.
Students need to be prepared on Friday.  Arrival time is 5 PM SHARP in the band room.  If you do leave campus, make sure you are well fed, hydrated and back by 5 PM.  If you choose not to leave campus, you need to bring food and drinks to school with you as it is a long night and you need to be hydrated and fed as well.  THERE IS NO EATING IN THE STANDS DURING THE GAME.  CUPPED WATER WILL BE PROVIDED.
You will need to have your baseball hat, tall black socks, Dwyer nylon back pack and band shoes.  Everyone is in uniform, therefore, the nylon back pack is the only one you can use.  It is a good idea to keep those items in your locker so that they are available for all games.  If you did not receive ordered supplies, or you are missing any of these items, please see the Band Booster Parents Thursday night before you leave practice.  There are no items available to loan.  If you are not prepared, you may not be able to participate.  No one can take their uniform home.  They will be laundered by band parent volunteers.
Parents, families and friends are invited to come and watch this talented group of musicians and color guard.  They are hardworking and dedicated and deserve our support.  It is awesome to watch the progress that is made each game as we get closer to competitions.